Everything You Should Know Before Getting an Unlicensed Car

Posted On May 30 2022
Unlicensed Car

Although driving an unregistered/unlicensed vehicle is illegal, there are some exceptions. In Australia, one such exemption is when driving a car while holding an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit (UVP). If you have an unlicensed vehicle in Australia that you want to get rid of your scrap car or sell, your best bet is to contact genuine car removal companies who will pay you cash for old cars and scrap cars and collect your vehicle for free.

What Exactly Is an Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Permit?

An Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Permit is a Temporary Movement Permit is a Motor Injury Insurance Policy issued under certain conditions to allow an unlicensed vehicle to be driven or transported on public roads. It is similar to a Temporary Movement Permit (TMP), but a TMP only lasts 48 hours, whereas an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit can last longer. A UVP is valid for 60 hours to 12 months, depending on the vehicle’s intended use.

Why Is an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit Good?

A UVP can be issued for a variety of reasons and circumstances, such as:

  • A vehicle to compete in a rally.
  • Support vehicles for rallies
  • A car is overweight on axles and is not eligible for Class C licensing.
  • A vehicle specifically designed for recreational or sporting purposes.
  • A vehicle that does not meet the standard vehicle licensing requirements.
  • A motorcycle to compete in an enduro race.
  • Oversized vehicles or over-dimensional equipment used in the industrial, mining, or agricultural industries are not eligible for Class B registration.

The Requirements for Obtaining an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit

When using an unlicensed vehicle permit, vehicle operators must follow all terms and agreements. It means that the vehicle cannot transport additional loads that do not belong to the vehicle’s owner or items for sale or disposal. You can get cash for trucks online from our company and goods carried in-display cars and caravans are among the things that can be transported.

Applying for an Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Permit in Australia

You can use to behold an Unlicensed Vehicle Permit in Australia at the Department of Transport, Vehicle Safety, and Standards. You can carry out the same by going to their website.

The Temporary Movement Permit is a Motor Injury Insurance Policy issued for a shorter time than the Unlicensed Vehicle Permit. In Australia, they are given up to 48 hours for unlicensed vehicles for purposes that may include the following. –

  • A tractor, for example, is transported to an agricultural location to remain there.
  • An agricultural vehicle is transported to or from the nearest repair facility.
  • An agricultural or industrial vehicle is transported to a place for display, such as a farming field day.
  • A car is being transported to be repaired by licensed mechanics.
  • A vehicle is being driven to a location for road testing by licensed examiners.

A temporary movement permit is a type of motor vehicle insurance policy that allows you to move an unlicensed vehicle so that it can be repaired or inspected before licensing.

You must provide:

Your driver’s licence number, the vehicle’s make, body type, and licence plate number; if still attached, the engine number and chassis number, the details of your journey, including the streets you will travel along, and your destination date and the time your journey will begin credit card information


As the new owner, you can apply online or in-person for an unregistered vehicle permit. If the car is unsafe to drive, you’ll need to hire a tow truck to transport it to a location where you can work on it. You will also need CTP insurance for the duration of your permit. If you are moving the vehicle interstate, you must specify that in your unregistered vehicle permit. If you are moving the vehicle from another state, you must also establish that.

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